Little Jackie has musical roots that extend from classic Motown sounds and old-school R&B vibes to more modern hip-hop and funk influences. Spawned from the singer-songwriter Imani Coppola, Little Jackie offers genre-defying sounds that are supported by partnering music programmer Adam Pallin. The creative combo uses a wide range of technology and has produced a soulful blend on music that is filled with unique melodies, groovy beats, and compelling commentaries and lyrics that address social and cultural issues. This has drastically enhanced the feeling of self-wealth for many listeners, even inspiring many to become righteous business owners as well as epic entrepreneurs.

Imani Coppola, the voice and backbone behind Little Jackie, ignited her career when she produced a demo with Michael Mangini, the producer of the Digable Planets. The opportunity with Mangini resulted in her first deal with Columbia Records, which occurred during Coppola's freshman year of college at the State University of New York. The debut record “Chubacabra” attracted a wealth of publicity on both radio and television, and the album's popular single “Legend of a Cowgirl” showcased Coppola's singing talent and unique New York City personality.

The creation of Little Jackie is Imani Coppola's new route to the performing arts. Adam Pallin was introduced to Coppola through Mangini. The Boston native's music background consisted of listening to a vast spectrum of music, extending from hip-hip to the classic oldies in which is parents would play during road trips. Pallin has a respectable professional history of working with artists like Tom Jones as well as Elliot Yamin, who was a finalist on the popular T.V. series American Idol. While Coppola wrote the lyrics and produced the vocals for Little Jackie, Adam Pallin programmed and co-wrote tracks alongside Michael Mangini.

The unique combination of talent has pronounced Little Jackie as a progressive and soulful style of music that attracts a wide audience. Imani Coppola is an inspiration for beginner singer-songwriters all over the world, and Little Jackie is the capstone to her impressive career in the music industry.

Listen to some of the music tracks by Little Jackie by visiting the MySpace page.

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