To keep the music flowing and the crowd appeased, electronics and media have been critical integrations to music industry. Samsung has been one of the most highly acclaimed contributors to the digital media movement.

Samsung has been a pioneering leader in the electronics marketplace for many years. Spanning from TV's to smartphones, Samsung has revolutionized many facets of electronics and digital communications. In the smartphone marketplace, Samsung is an intense competitor (rivaling Apple's iPhone) with its line-up of Galaxy mobile phones. The latest smartphone from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy 4, which offers a wealth of features comparable to the iPhone. In the TV marketplace, Samsung is a leader with a wide roster of LED TV's, HDTV's, Smart TV's, and 3D TV's. The line-up Samsung TV's is so deep that consumer can choose from many different features and various price points. Reviews of Samsung TV's have also been mostly positive in nature.

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