Portable Truck Axle ScalesFor any company that relies on weighing truck loads or payloads, heavy duty truck scales are invaluable additions that can help achieve its throughput and bottom line. Whether your business demands the weight a handful of trucks every day or centers on measuring payload weight from a harvest or mining yield, you need a truck scale system that can deliver accurate weights to support your profit stream while at the same time meeting the NTEP requirements. The truck scales offered at Walz Scale.

In addition to the truck scales that Walz Scale offers, you can take advantage of rugged, high-tech and user-friendly weighing interface options that can complement your existing truck scale systems to make your operations even more efficient, and profitable. Walz Scale has all your needs at hand; they provide a wide range of truck scale configurations, from light weight portable truck axle scales to heavy-duty weighbridge-style scales to meet all of your application needs.

Technology and Composition of Walz Scale Truck Scales

Walz Scale truck scalesóboth steel and concrete deck truck scalesóprovide users with simple-to-use applications and allows for heavy-duty applications. The good thing is that Walz Scale HD truck scales can be used as pit-type or above ground scales depending on your needs.

Easy installation is what sets these truck scales apart. Their light and heavy truck scales alike feature more reliable structural steel than other options available out there. When it comes to truck scale solutions, performance is never an option, which is why Walz Scale provides heavy-duty weighbridges built with reliable concrete and steel deck configurations. If you have extremely heavy loads, Walz Scale super heavy-duty design is designed to handle over 250 trucks per day, without having to cause fatigue to your weighbridge.

Conversely, if you're demanding a portable axle scale system, or something that can be easily assembled and moved to one location to another, the wheel weighers that Walz Scale providers offer an exceptional weighing solution. The wheel weighers designed by Walz Scale come in many different styles and price points, depending on your needs.

Talk of truck scales and you elicit sharp reactions touching on durability. Walz Scale uses structural steel and concrete that is 30 percent higher than most of the rival brands on the market. Additionally, Walz scale weighting solutions feature strategically positioned l-beams to cope with the traffic flow and ensure optimal tire support no matter the position of the truck. Choose your provider for all your truck scale solutions to optimize your returns, increase efficiency and bolster the productivity of your road weigh stations.